Ayatollah Javad Tabrizi:

All forms of Al-Jaza‘* (including but not limited to: Self-flagellation with knives, swords, blades, razors, 🔥 walking etc. for the Imams are Mustahabb (recommended acts of worship).

Same Ayatollah Javad Tabrizi: CLAPPING (of the hands) during religious ceremonies for the Imams is Haram (prohibited).



 *One of the most excessive forms of wailing in Arabic is known as الجزع (Al-Jaza’). This practice was known in the pagan Jahiliyyah by the polytheist Arabs to some degree (slapping of the cheeks etc.), however it was rather a practice of their womenfolk. Quiete astonishing how Shi’ism has not just revived the paganism of excessive wailing of the polytheist Quraysh, but the irony is that they are following the womenfolk of the Quraysh as even the men of the Quraysh stayed away from such extreme and emotional forms of mourning.