Is bathing in the mud like pagan Hindus and crawling to shrines (like some Catholics do) from Islam and Tawhid? Yes, according to the pseudo-followers of the Ahlul-Bayt.

The heretics have sanctified every ritual, no matter how diabolical and pagan and absurd, in the name of Islam and ‘loving the Ahlul-Bayt’ (peace be upon them). One of the pagan grave veneration rituals, which Shiite scholars have instilled in the hearts of some of their followers, is what is known in Arabic as الزحف إلى القبور (To crawl to the graves/shrines of the Imams).

Fatwa by ‘Grand Ayatollah’ Sadiq Shirazi (Qom, Iran):

الزحف لقبور المعصومين عليهم السلام:

س/ ما حكم الحبو أو الزحف إلى قبور المعصومين عليهم السلام؟

ج/ في نفسه جائز.

Question: “What is the verdict regarding crawling to the graves of the infallible [imams] peace be upon them?”

Answer [by Ayatollah’ Sadiq Shirazi]: “Permissible in and of itself.”

Who else other than a die-hard pagan would ask such a question, and who else other than a mushrik priest would give green light to such a ritual? Allahul-Musta’an!

But isn’t Sadiq Shirazi an extremist? Isn’t he the leader of the “Shirazis”? “British Shiites” or “MI6 Shiites,” as they are also known by their opponents. Well, the truth is, that the zindiq Sadiq Shirazi does not hold isolated views. Here is another Iranian ‘Ayatollah’ who has no links to the Shirazi clerical clan:

Fatwa by ‘Grand Ayatollah’ Sadiq Rouhani (Qom, Iran):

استفتاء:ما حكم الزحف أو الحبو إلى قبور المعصومين عليهم السلام؟

جواب:باسمه جلت اسماؤه

يمكن تقبيل الاعتاب شكرا لله، أما موضوع الزحف فهو جميل في اطار كلام الاهازيج الادبية التي يرددها المحبون.

Question: “What is the verdict regarding crawling to the graves of the infallible [imams] peace be upon them?”

Answer [by ‘Ayatollah’ Sadiq Rouhani]:

“… as for crawling [to the graves]: it is beautiful in the connection with literary chants sung by the devotees.”

Monkey see, monkey do. Imagine Makkah and Madinah in their control. Allah forbid!

“Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are even farther astray from the Path. (i.e. even worst than cattle).” – Qur’an, 25:44

No surprise: Tomb-crawling / shrine-crawling can be found in all pagan religions.

Buddhist mushrikun…

Nasara mushrikun…

A Greek Orthodox (mushrik) woman on the Cycladic island of Tinos crawls past a statue representing the thousands of pilgrims that visit the island every year to pray at the local Church of the Virgin. The church is the home of a sacred icon believed to possess miraculous healing powers.
Across Tinos are churches and shrines, the most famous of which is Panagia Evangelistria, the most holy church in Greece which houses the ‘Miraculous Icon of Virgin Mary’. In the Greek Orthodox religion, the Icon is considered to be the protector of all of Greece. One of the most striking parts of the day is the level of devotion that pilgrims show to the Virgin Mary. Often pilgrims crawl to the church from the boats that they arrive on their hands and knees to show their devotion and beseech Saint Mary for good health and healing.
Rafidi pagans crawling to the shrine of Husayn (may Allah be pleased with him) in Karbala, Iraq.
Rafidi pagans crawling to the shrine of lady saint Ma’sumah in Qom, Iran.

The following pictures are all taken in Karbala where tomb/shrine crawling is annually conducted under the eyes of the ‘Ayatollahs’ and the rest of the Shia clergy:

Sadomasochism in the name of the Ahlul-Bayt…